Placement General

PLACEMENT FOR ALL ASPIRING STUDENTS: The Placements are generally assured for all the students aspiring for a Job. The students who opt for placement are assessed and counsel for a suitable jobs and Placed accordingly.

The Placement & Training department is run by Sri. GIRIDHAR RAJAGOPAL, who has more than 25 years of work experience of which no less than 10 years in Training, Placement, Alumni Relations, Teaching and other value addition training for Placement.

There were a number of companies visiting the Campus for campus during the year 2015- 2016 and 2016-2017. There were many off campus jobs and few companies offered International placements also.

PLACEMENT ABROAD: M/s. Saraswathi Online offered jobs in CHINA &PHILLIPINES and M/s. Auto Bahn , the DUBAI based company offered placements in DUBAI, DOHA and ABU DHABI.

JOB ORIENTED PROJECTS: A lot of value based job oriented projects were promoted, the notable one being initiated from the office of the Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce. Government of India. The project was personally mentored by the Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade and Asst. Director General of Foreign Trade.

CORPORATE INTERACTION: The Placement department has been arranging Chief Guests and Key speaker for various workshops, conference and other programs. Regular Industry visits has also been organized on a regular basis for the benefit of the students

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Apart from taking charge of Placement for RJS Institute of Management studies, Sri. Giridhar .R is also is in charge for Training and Placing students for RJS First Grade College and Placement assistance of CJR RJS college , Marathally and RJS diploma College.

FUTURE AGENDA: The department aims to strike a perfect balance between the Industry requirements and Academics and make them ready to take up challenging jobs from day one, this apart from promoting entrepreneurship among the students.

Companies Visited