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About Library
Welcome to RJS Institute of Management Studies Library and Information Centre.Our Library plays a vital role in the search of knowledge. It isestablished in the year 1999. The primary objective of the library is to serve the information needs of faculties and students community of RJS IMS. It acts a center for the collection of resources, and it aims to develop a comprehensive collection of information that is useful for users of our Institute. It also ensures that information resources are acquired and organized so as to meet the present and future users information needs. The library is open to students, staff members, visiting faculties on weekdays between 8 am - 5 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm. The library is well equipped with proper lightings, ventilation and seating arrangements for more than 50 students at a time. Library and Information Centre are well equipped with precious books, textbooks, reference books, periodicals and journals. An excellent atmosphere is crated for the readers to utilize the library facilities.


Total Book Volumes 8350
Book Titles 950
Reference Resource 950
E Books 150
Journal 35
Magazines 10
Newspaper 09
Project Reports 450
Library Software Libsoft 9.5.0 By Environ software
Library Classification DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification)
Access System Open Access System