User Guide

User Guide’s:

Bonafide members of the library are requested to adhere / follow the Rules and Regulations in the interest    of the effective Administration and Smooth functioning of the library.
Library Membership is compulsory to all students.
All library users are required to enter their names and sign in register provided at the entrance.
Students are allowed in to library only on production of their INDENTY CARD
Readers are requested to bring their Membership ID Card whenever they visit the library.
Membership of the library card is not transferable.
Readers are requested not to bring any valuable / costly materials like Jewels, Money, Mobiles and any    other equipment’s to the library.
Users should not mark, underline or write in the Library Books, Periodicals and Newspapers
Uses of MOBILE PHONES are strictly prohibited.
Any discussion must be in low tones to avoid disturbances to other users.
Students are allowed to barrow 2 books for MCOM and BBA, 3 books for MBA a period of 10 days and    return the book on or before due date.
If the book is not returned on the due date a fine of Rs. 1.00 per day up to 7 days Rs. 2.00 for the next 7    days Rs. 5.00 for 14th to 21st day and Rs. 10.00 for 4th week and if books not returned within that time will    not be accepted back and the cost of the book will be charged to the borrower.
Please do not misplace / hide the documents and try to maintain the arrangements in order without any    disturbance.
Books loaned should be protected from Rain, Dust and Insects etc.
Care must be taken out to see that the library walls, furniture and reading materials are not defaced in any    way.
Loss of borrower’s card is to be reported immediately in writing to be informed to the Librarian.

Loss or Damage of book

Users are responsible for the safe custody of items borrowed from the library
Damage or loss of books shall be immediately reported to the Librarian in writing and replaced with new copy of same or latest edition within a stipulated period.
If the lost book is a volume or part of a multi volume of which individual volumes cannot be purchased separately, in such cases user shall have to pay the cost of complete set and user will be allowed to claim the remaining parts or volumes of the set.
In case of loss or theft of the ID card, the users should immediately inform to the library and a duplicate card can be obtained from the Library payment of Rs.100.00.

Book Issue System

Category Books-Issue copy Book-Reference Renewals CD/DVD Project Reports Journals
Faculty 5 for 30 Days 1 2 2 for 10 Days 1 for 10 Days 1 for 15 Days (Back volumes)
Students M.Com and BBA 2 for 10 Days - 1 - 1 for 10 Days 1 for 10 Days (Back volumes)
Students MBA 3 for 10 Days - 1 - 1 for 10 Days 1 for 10 Days (Back volumes)